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Employees work daily, why aren't they paid daily?

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Offer your clients the benefit giving employees their paycheck whenever they like. Receive a revenue share and sales differentiator 

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Financial Stress: What employers need to know 

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ZayZoon provides our partners with a meaningful revenue share!

Sell more payroll

Arm your sales staff with a differentiator and employee benefit that will have businesses choosing you over your competition.

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12 million Americans use payday loans and $30 Billion is paid in overdraft fees each year. Provide a socially responsible solution that people appreciate.

How to Get Started

In as little as one week, ZayZoon can be offered as a benefit to your clients. Here's the process.

Discovery phase

Let's hop on a call. We like to take 30 minutes to talk about each others services and give you a demo of the ZayZoon platform.

Technical Call

After the discovery phase, let's have our respective technical teams schedule a call. For some integrations, it is a simple module install that can be done in 2 hours. ZayZoon can accommodate flat file CSV excel transfers, or we can utilize full API suites. We have done one-off employer integrations to integrations with companies like Uber®.  

Launch Plan

We will take about 4 hours in total call time to sort out things like the integration, marketing materials, and internal support. 


In just 7 days your clients can have access to ZayZoon. On-going maintenance is next to nothing. We truly wanted to create a "set it and forget it" payroll feature that adds value to you!

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