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Wages On-Demand and Financial Wellness gives your employees the tools they need to ditch financial stress.


Offer Wages, Daily

Employees can now have access to their earned wages with ZayZoon's Patent Pending Wages On-Demand technology.

Of course, this is nothing new. We've been giving employees access to their wages ahead of payroll since 2013!

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Employees from thousands of businesses use ZayZoon

  • Personalized experience

    Take your personal financial assessment, establish a baseline, and then take recommended courses to improve your financial wellbeing.

  • An interactive Experience

    Courses that are more than text. Tools that are more than just calculators. ZayZoon believes education should be fun.

  • Calculators & Tools

    APR, Ammortization, Principal, Interest. It gets confusing, that's why banks and lenders like it. We've made it simple.

Education that isn't just fluff

63% ofAmericans are financially illiterate. They lack the basic skills to reconcile their bank accounts, pay their bills on time, pay off debt and plan for the future. This is why we started ZayZoon financial education.


Financial Stress: What Employers Need to Know

Smart Financial Tools

Sometimes people need a little extra help. It's why ZayZoon developed smart financial tools like an Overdraft predictor. Employees can link thier existing bank account and let us do the rest. ZayZoon will let your staff know when their at risk of going into the negative and what they can do to shuffle things around to prevent it.


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