You work daily. Why do you wait weeks to be paid?

Be in Control of Your Payday

ZayZoon let's you choose your payday. Choose how much money you want to access and have it paid back automatically off your paycheck.

Fast and Easy

Sign-up and access money within 7 seconds. Money can be transferred to your account instantly.

Inexpensive and Transparent

We're 90% less than the bad guys. Take money as you wish, and only pay for the time you have it. Costing less than an NSF fee, credit card advance, and short-term loan. It's time for some savings.

  • “The company I work for only does payroll once a month... I am finding this hard, as I have always been paid bi-weekly in the past...”
    Administrator, Private School
  • “I 100% recommend ZayZoon to my colleagues. Customer service has been amazing!”
  • “ZayZoon is an amazing service. When I thought I'd miss a payment because of a miscalculation, ZayZoon was right there to help me out.”
    Tim Hortons Employee

How Does This Work?

ZayZoon is offered through your payroll provider or employer. If you are unsure about your access to ZayZoon Click Here.


Login to your payroll self-service portal or to access your account.


Choose the amount of your paycheck you would like to access early


Enjoy the freedom of controlling your payday.

Is ZayZoon not offered by your employer?

Let's change that. Below are a few ways we can help get you in control of your payday sooner.

Spread the word. Tell your co-workers, tell your employer, let your grandmother know.

Provide your employer with the facts. Arm yourself with some materials. Find them here.

Let us do the heavy lifting. Provide some info about your employer and we'll take care of the rest!