To some, financial wellness is more than just a pipe dream.. If you identify with the majority of these factors, you might actually be more financially stable than you think.

Here’s a list of 11 signs you’re financially on track – if you score more than me, you’re ahead of the curve. If anything, you might surprise yourself.

You never have to live in your overdraft

Overdraft is what happens when your bank account goes into the negatives. If you’re lucky, you will have overdraft protection. Normally, overdraft protection costs $5 a month whether you use it or not and then an additional interest charge upon use. If you don’t have overdraft protection you could get hit with a $45 NSF fee. Sometimes, wages don’t last the month and we wind up where we started with the added bonus of overdraft fees. Always be on top of your bank fees.

You contribute to a retirement fund

Many people can’t even think of retirement without using the shifty-eye emoji. Even in person. However, there are others who have been putting away chunks of their payroll for when they do, in fact, retire.

Pro Tip: You can use tools like Acorns to help save money automatically. Buy a coffee for $1.80? Acorns will round it up to $2 and put the extra 20 cents away for you! Making you a money master without any real work at all.

Your net-worth just keeps growing

If you have money, do you have more money the next month? It’s as simple as that. How can you potentially grow your net-worth? Tools like Robinhood make it easy for you to invest in the infamous “stock market” everyone keeps talking about.

You can pay off your credit card bills every month

In full. Yeah. We know. Although up and coming FinTech companies are coming up with ways every day to lessen the need for credit cards. So there’s hope yet.

You can take unpaid leave

Some people actually do take time out of work without receiving their salary – and they somehow don’t go hungry. This is life goals.

You don’t splurge on sales

The financially stable can afford things all throughout the year, meaning that when it comes to sales time, they don’t have to worry. They’ll either have it – or they just don’t care.

You don’t dread the holidays

Holiday’s can be tough on the wallet. If you dread the expense of holidays or if you simply just want to lower your spend, we have the solution for you here

You have an emergency fund

For the uninitiated, an emergency fund essentially means spare money. Not only that, but an emergency fund means spare money on top of bills and costs of everyday living.

You don’t feel guilty for splurging on dinner

When you and your friends have dinner and you split the bill evenly without having a meltdown, you’re in a good spot. And we’re not talking about that “Treat Yo’ Self” mentality. If dinners impact your finances drastically, reevaluate.

You pay bills in advance

Remember the first time you got to do this? If not, you’ve either never been able to, or you’ve done it so much you can’t remember the first time. Which side of the fence are you on?

You can actually think about the future

Too many of us live from paycheck to paycheck, relying on overdrafts and short term loans. This takes a lot away from being able to plan for the future. If you’ve so much as decided to take a holiday, you’re already halfway there.

Not that difficult, right?

It’s a long list, we know. We’re confident you can make hit a number of these those, and maybe even all of them! We’re here to help. Our blog has new money tips and resources posted every week. For even more help with your finances, keep us on your radar. We have some exciting news for 2019!