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50% of employees live paycheque to paycheque.

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Remarkable Features

Short-term cash advances at the swipe of your finger.

Lightning Fast

After verifying your account, you can access money in seconds and have it in your account within minutes.

Easy to Use

Choose how much money you'd like to access and click submit — that’s it. Don’t worry about remembering when to pay us back — money is automatically debited from your account on your next payday.

You're Safe

Bank-level security encryption standards ensure your data security and privacy are of the highest importance.

No Debt

They are your hours; cash them in. Our payroll-integrated service means that you can access your hours before payday, never taking on any debt in the process.

You're in Control

You choose how much you would like to access and with features like My Account, you can always see your advance status and history.

Save your Money

Don’t wait until your payday comes to pay your outstanding bills. Use ZayZoon to access your cash and save big on insufficient funds and over draft fees.

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Workplace Friendly

ZayZoon is designed with the needs of employers and employees in mind.

ZayZoon For Employers

Money stress causes decreased productivity and an unhappy employee. Provide your staff with a financial solution that doesn't cost you a thing.

ZayZoon For Employees

Access your paycheque before your payday and forget about late bill payments and over draft fees. Get paid on your schedule and terms.


Keep yourself informed on ZayZoon