38% of employees say financial stress is a distraction for them at work.

Employees work daily, why aren't they paid daily?

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Offer your employees the benefit of getting their wages whenever they like. Your workforce will be more productive and happy because of it. 

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Financial Stress: What employers need to know 

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Increase productivity

Over 70% of American employees live paycheck to paycheck. Employees are stressing when they should be working.

Lower administrative costs

Do you currently give advances? ZayZoon takes care of everything including funding. Your workflow and cashflow are never interrupted.

Reduce turnover

Provide your employees with a benefit they will use and appreciate.

Employees can sign-up and access funds. All within 7 seconds.

No disruption to your cashflow!          No need to fund advances.

No debt for employees. Simply wages early!

Reviews that speak for themselves.

Employees love us and they make sure to let us know. Additionally, we maintain a 90% satisfaction rating with our customer support.

Getting started is easy

We can have your business up and running with ZayZoon Early Wages On-Demand in as little as 48 hours. All we need from you is an initial upload of employee information and 5 minutes of your payroll clerks time each month.

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